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In I-Shine we specialize in providing cleaning services for domestic clients. We know each type of client has a set of requirements, that is why we customize our service to every need but always with the same philosophy, being more focused and going beyond than no one else, simply we do better.

Our approach is based on tested processes, methods, and skilled employees. This is how we ensure that our customers receive a professional, detailed, and consistent level of quality in the service delivered.

Our services include, but not limited, to: Deep cleaning, recurring cleaning, move in/out, seasonal cleaning, and planned maintenance cleaning.

At I-Shine we know and appreciate that clients are willing to take a chance and try a new cleaning service, on account of this we are committed to perform our best and beyond.  Trust in us for reliable, consistent, and punctual home cleaning services; meeting your needs is always the number one priority of our cleaning company.

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